Thank you for visiting my Website, which features my fiction writing. I have been writing since I was very young, which eventually led to an MFA in fiction writing from Brooklyn College. I have had many enjoyable and a few less-enjoyable interruptions in my writing over the years. I was pleased to resume writing seriously, if sporadically (thereby defining "seriously" differently from many writers, I suppose) in the last few years. These pages showcase the pieces I have had published in that time. (Please note that publications come and go, often without notice. If the link to the publication is broken or brings you to an error, you can still read the story here.)

To the right you will see the titles of my stories, listed in the order of their publication (most recent first). In most cases the stories are preceded with a smattering of information about the publication history, and the inspiration, genesis or the process pertaining to that story. I also include, in most cases, the BIO that ran with the story with its original publication. Therefore, I don't offer much in terms of biographical information here, except to say:

I hail from Washington State. I have lived in New York City for almost 30 years, and I am lucky enough to spend many weekends upstate in Livingston Manor, NY. 

Please stop by again, as content will be added as new stories get published. I can also be reached and/or followed via twitter @jedwardkruft.